Dealing With Failure

People process negative situations differently. We have diverse responses to adversity. However, there should be one thing we have in common:

We should all maintain the right perspective in the face of failure.  

Our understanding of struggles will appropriate our response to them. Our comprehension of seasons and issues that cause difficulty as temporal in light of eternity will help us keep on mission. We can get knocked down, but because we have purpose we get up. We can get detoured by circumstances, but because we know where we are going we get back on track. 

This is something that is personal for me. I have a tendency to internalize mistakes and shortcomings. I would be well-served to drink my own Kool-Aid when it comes to this.

We can do one of two things when it comes to dealing with failure. We can allow it to beat us down and weigh on us way longer than it should or we can get up off the ground, knock the dust off and get back to living the full, real life we were intended to live in Christ.

The appealing option is clear. The choice is ours. Let’s make the God-honoring choice of keeping our eyes on Him.