Running Out Of Time

Well, as many of you know by now, Motion Church officially launches June 26th @ 11AM.

Although we’ve been planning this for several months I still feel so inadequately prepared for all that this journey encompasses. When I check out the Motion website with the countdown to the first experience all I see are seconds disappearing into digital space never to return. All that comes to mind are all of the things undone, unforeseen or unaffordable.

But, somehow I’m OK with that. I think about the church in Acts that seemed to do just fine even though it was a spontaneous movement. I’m reminded that in my weakness, God enjoys showing Himself strong and very able. I heard a quote by Craig Groeschel that really sums it up. “God cares more about your church than you do.” That’s just good stuff (I don’t care who you are!)

While I know that my situation is a little unique (not sure how many others are planting a church right now), I also know that the principles apply to you just the same.
Whatever it is that is going on in your life and is pressing, God cares about. ┬áIf you’re starting a business, changing jobs, getting ready to go off to college, releasing a new line of apparel (, my shameless plug), have a baby on the way, and on and on… God is on your side. He wants the best for you. In fact, He wants better for you than you want for yourself. I’ll stop rambling with my own variation of CG’s quote.

“God cares more about your life than you do.”

Do your part. Trust Him. It’s all gonna work out, it always does somehow.