Unpleasantly Surprised

I remember in elementary the teachers used to harp on us about staying in line. “No cutting!”, they would say. Apparently as adults we forget this timeless principle- especially at Starbucks.

I rarely get cut off, but when I do… It’s at Starbucks. Folks are just a little antsy before they get there first cup of joe, I suppose. This morning a lady cut me off to get in the drive thru for her Venti Triple Soy Latte with Extra Whip Cream. Of course, I was frustrated. I started making judgments as to what type of person she was. Selfish, rude, prima donna, you know, the usual.

After being in line behind her for a few minutes, I finally made it to the window to pay for my drink. To my surprise, and chagrin, the evil lady in front of me had already paid for my drink. While I don’t think you can cover up being rude by bribing me with coffee (although it’s a pretty good start), I was impressed that she was willing to, in a way, admit her wrong and try to make amends with a complete stranger.

I think the moral to the story is clear. We all make mistakes. All we can do is try to make it right in some way. Go buy somebody a cup of coffee, just try not to cut them off first.


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