Last Call

Bartenders will give out the proverbial “last call” when it’s time to shut down. If you want a drink, you better get to it. 

While that is probably an awful analogy for the church, I think it’s a fitting one. This is a “last call” to all of those who are sitting on the fence pondering about whether or not they want to make Motion an integral part of their life. While you will always be welcome, this might be the last call for you to get in on the front end of all that God is going to do. I can’t think of a more exciting opportunity than to be on the ground floor of a move of God like we are going to experience. 

This is not an attempt to guilt anyone to responding. I honestly believe that if you don’t get in now that my only response can be, “I told you so.” I don’t want to have to play that card. I don’t want for you to have to wonder what might have been or what would it have been like if…. This is way to significant for what ifs. This movement that we are on the precipice of will be historical. I’m “fully convinced” of that. 

That may seem like an arrogant statement, but not in light of a leadership teaching that we heard from Stephen Webb of Elevation Church. He talked about how when we get to the point of realizing how great God really is, relishing in that truth, and the beautiful mystery that he chooses to use us in spite of us then nothing but incredible things can happen. 

There’s the call. The responsibility to involve yourself in something great rests solely on your shoulders. Answer the call. 


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