Bringing Honor Back

Lately at our Motion Church gatherings we’ve been breaking down the series that Pastor Steven Furtick did called Honorology. I have to be honest, this is something that I have much to learn about.

Some of the highlights:

The difference between honor and respect. 

“The level of honor you give is determined by the amount of value you perceive.”

“Honor is a foreign language in our generation.”

“Honor one another above yourself.” Romans 12:10

Honor is one of those things that is easy to talk about it, but incredibly difficult to live. I’ve heard that scripture in Romans hundreds of times and it still messes with me when I really think about it. It’s easy to skim right over that like another cute biblical principal like “love your neighbor”. BUT if we really stop and think about it, this scripture calls for more from us than most of us are willing to give.

Let me stop and clarify, I’m not there yet. I am still learning about honor, and the more I learn about honor the more I learn that I still have to learn. That doesn’t let me off the hook. I’m ultimately responsible for my negligence of honor. I had a judge tell me one time (long story) that ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it.

Here’s the culmination of my tutelage on honor: it’s not easy, but it’s the best way to live. Take away the fact that it’s in the Bible and we believe that it is divinely inspired. It would still be the best way to live. Living under the assumption that people have value and worth trumps living selfishly any day of the week.

Let’s bring honor back!


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