Unlikely Place For Wisdom

What started as a casual conversation with an older gentleman in the locker room at the gym turned into a rather insightful dialogue. 

At first we both griped about the burden of working out, but the tenor and topic shifted quickly without warning to how proud this man in his late 60’s or early 70’s was of the teenagers in his church. He moved quickly and passionately, discrediting the usual complaints of a man his age about the up and coming generation. The loud music. The tattoos. The  style. The crescendo of his spill was, “If we codgers have to get out of the way or wear cotton earplugs, then that’s what we need to do!” 

The result for me was similar. I pray that I always have the heart to do what is best for the church. Not what I prefer. Not what I want. Not even necessarily what I THINK is best, but what IS best! After all, it’s not my church or your church; it’s His church. 


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